South America Wonders


DAY 1  Meet & Greet at Santiago International Airport.  Transfer to hotel.  Dbl Standard Room. Breakfast included.

DAY 2  Pick up at the lobby of the hotel.  Transfer to airport.  Flight Santiago/Easter Island.  Pick up at the airport. Transfer to hotel.  Dbl Standard room. Breakfast included.

DAY 3  Full day Rano Raraku Volcano-Anakena Beach (SIB) (Lunch included).  Dbl Standard room. Breakfast included.

RanoVolcano Rano Raraku is the great quarry where virtually all moai statues were made. It's located on the east side of Rapa Nui, by the hill of Poike. The rock is composed of solid volcanic ash - a material which had two advantages to the ancient Rapa Nui people:
It was soft enough to carve using only stone (since Easter Island has no metal), but still hard enough to not break during transportation.  It was light enough to build immense moai statues of up to almost 10 m high.
Only today, some centuries later, can we see the disadvantage of this rock; that it slowly deteriorates with the rain and the wind. The moai statues of Rano Raraku are relatively well-preserved though, since the older ones that today are decayed were transported to their final destination a long time ago.

Anakena beach is known for its warm water and white sand, as well as the two monuments that were restored in 1954: Ahu Ature Huki and Nau Nau.
It has an incredible archaeological value because it was the first ancient city in the island, founded by the first king of Rapa Nui, Ariki Hotu Matua.

DAY 4  Half Day Visit to Orongo-Rano Kao Volcano (SIB).  Dbl Standard room. Breakfast included

RanoOne of the Island’s most important places is the ancient ceremonial village of Orongo, southeast of the Rano Kau volcano, where visitors may still see petroglyphs and cave paintings as well as ancient houses and walls from different areas.
Volcano Rano Kau: Is the southern most Volcano of the island. On the west side of the slopes we have an impressive view of the islets Motu Nui, Motu Iti, Motu Kao Kao. Next to the Crater is the Ceremonial City of Orongo.

DAY 5  Half Day Visit Akivi (SIB).  Dbl Standard room. Breakfast included.

RanoLet us introduce you to the mysteries of Easter Island in this short overview tour will take you to visit Ahu Akivi, Ahu Vinapu, Puna Pau Quarry, and Te Pahu Cavern.
Ahu Akivi’s 7-Moai platform faces the equinoctial rising sun with each statue at a height of around 16 feet and a weight of around 18 tons. According to folklore, the seven statues represent the seven young explorers who left Hiva, a legendary Polynesian homeland, to do reconnaissance on the island after the spirit priest Haumaka made the first chief, Hotu Matu´a, aware of the island’s existence.
You’ll have time to reflect on this story and the many other mysteries of Easter Island as you walk around exploring the incredible Moai structures.

DAY 6  Pick up at the lobby of the hotel.  Transfer to airport.  Flight Easter Island/Santiago.  Transfer to hotel.  Dbl Standard room. Breakfast included.

DAY 7 Transfer to airport. Flight Santiago/Puntarenas.  Transfer to hotel.  Transfer to the dock.  Tour Magdalena Island.  Dbl Standard room. Breakfast included.

RanoOne of Chile's largest and most important Magellanic penguin breeding sites is situated on Magdalena Island in the Straits of Magellan. The island has been designated a national nature reserve because of its importance as a penguin breeding site, and the reserve is managed by the government agency Corporación Nacional Forestal.
The island is a popular tourist destination, so monitoring the effects of tourism is essential, in order to ensure sustainable use of the penguins as a tourist resource. Many years ago commercial fishing in the Straits of Magellan caused penguin populations to decline. However following designation of Magdalena Island as a nature reserve, the Chilean government established a no-fishing zone to protect the penguins.

DAY 8  Land transfer to Puerto Natales (Penguins can be seen on the way).  Dbl Standard room. Breakfast included.

DAY 9  Torres del Paine National Park Tour.  Dbl Standard room. Breakfast included.

RanoTorres del Paine is probably the world's most spectacular national park. An unrivalled landscape of mad jagged peaks, impossibly blue lakes, deserted pampas and iceberg-loaded rivers, it has at its center, the Southern Patagonian Ice Field, a sea of ice the size of Hawaii. In fact, this is one of the largest sources of temperate-zone glaciers in the world.
Journey  on a scenic drive to to the Torres del Paine National Park. The picturesque drive will allow you to gaze at the stunning scenery and enjoy the true South American tropics. Upon arrival, you'll have the opportunity to explore the national park, its amazing views and beautiful lakes.

DAY 10  Balmaceda & Serrano Glaciers navigation tour.  Dbl Standard room. Breakfast included.

RanoEarly departure from Puerto Natales to take the embarkation and to sail the Ultima Esperanza Strait. During the tour is possible to observe an environment surrounded by hills and forests, where you will see sea lions frolicking on the rocks and the area called “Cormorant Colony” located on the cliffs and where we can see hundreds of birds of this species
Formed by ancient ice and part of Campos de Hielo Sur ( Southern Ice Fields),  and placed in the park Bernardo O “Higgins, the glaciers Balmaceda and Serrano give us a taste of what was the period of glaciation.
Sailing the Ultima Esperanza Strait, and after 2 hours of travel, we will get to the park where we will walk over an hour to see the glacier.
The boat approaches the Balmaceda Glacier and then stops in the border, where it will make disembarkation for doing a trek through the woods to the shore of the lagoon with floating icebergs. It is common to see huge ice floes falling in steady decline to the waters of the fjord. Return to Puerto Natales

DAY 11  Perito Moreno Glacier Tour (Argentina side). Dbl Standard room. Breakfast included.

Perito Moreno Glacier is an impressive natural wonder and due to its extension and height, it has become world famous for its easy access, continuous advance and the loud loosening of huge icebergs. The Parque Nacional Los Glaciares (Glaciers National Park) area is home to other important glaciers such as Upsalla, Onelli and Spegazzini.

DAY 12  Transfer to Bus Terminal. Bus Transfer Puerto Natales/Puntarenas airport.  Flight Puntarenas/Puerto Montt 310P/525P.  Transfer to Puerto Varas.  Dbl Standard room. Breakfast included.

DAY 13  Peulla Full day Tour (Lunch included).  Dbl Standard room. Breakfast included.

RanoVenture from Puerto Montt on a full day guided tour admiring the Lake District and its striking landscapes. Continue on the All Saint's Lake, also known as Esmeralda Lake and the pier which is the departure point for the catamaran which travels to Peulla, a tiny hamlet on the other side of the lake. On the way enjoy views of the Osorno Volcano, Mount Puntiagudo and Mount Tronador. The sailing takes almost two hours.

DAY 14  Half day tour Frutillar + Octay Port.  Dbl Standard room. Breakfast included.

Head along the Pan-American Highway from Puerto Montt to Frutillar on a guided day trip. Pause briefly at the small town of Llanquihue, before taking the old lakeside road to a viewpoint with a monument to the German colonists of this area. This area is known for its agriculture and cattle. Visit Puerto Octay town founded in 1854 with beautiful architecture of the early twentieth century.

DAY 15  Full day tour Chiloe Island Ancud/Caulin/Penguins.  Dbl Standard room. Breakfast included.

RanoOn the southern part of the continent where geography breaks down into countless islands and archipelagos, you´ll navigate towards Chiloe, an island which ripe with myths, culture, history and nature. During the ferry ride, dolphins, sea lions and a variety of sea birds can often be observed. Once in Chacao you´ll visit the town main square and an old church before you continued to Caulin, a tiny fishing village where you´ll be able to watch a wide variety of birds, oyster farming, seaweed harvest (algae) and the colorful wooden houses of this place.A simple but very scenic road will take you to Ancud where the history of the island becomes alive at the Spanish Fort San Antonio which still dominates the port and at the small interesting museum with mystical figures of Chiloe.

DAY 16  Full day Alerce Andino Hiking Tour.   Dbl Standard room. Breakfast included.

Alerce Andino National Park - evergreen millennial rainforest. There we will walk for about 5 miles (8 kilometers). Alerce or Fitzroya is one of the unique species of evergreen trees in this park, growing only in the northern Patagonia. Some specimens are dated as 4000 years old. Fitzroya is considered one of the largest trees in South America.
* It's recommended to bring a small backpack, water, jacket, protective suncream, sunglasses, hat, trekking shoes or boots.

DAY 17  Transfer to Puerto Varas.  Flight Puerto Varas/Santiago.  Transfer to hotel. Dbl Superior room. Breakfast included.

DAY 18  Full day Valparaiso & Vina del Mar Tour. Dbl Superior room. Breakfastincluded.

RanoValparaiso, Spanish for “Paradise Valley,” is a cultural hotspot that serves as one of the country’s most important seaports. The entire city is recognized as a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site for its intriguing cobblestone labyrinth of historic buildings and ancient funiculars along sloping hills. From the lookout point “Mirador 21 de Mayo” you’ll enjoy spectacular panoramic views of the city and harbor. Your guide will point out some of the more interesting sights and is an open book for any questions you may have.
Next we will visit the garden city, Viña del Mar, Spanish for “Vineyard of the Sea.” The most famous and most visited beach in the Central Coast has much to offer. The city is ripe with beautiful parks, gardens, and avenues scattered across miles of sparkling beaches. Sights include the Presidential Castle, Liberty Avenue, the 1930’s Casino, and various classic century old “palaces.”

DAY 19  Morning Half day Santiago City Tour.  Afternoon Half Day Concha & Toro WineTour/ Cajon del Maipo.  Dbl Superior room. Breakfast included.

We start from your hotel in order to go sightseeing in Santa Lucia Hill, Civic Quarter, historic Santiago, Government palace the mint, Main Square, Cathedral, City Hall Building, National Historical Museum.

Just if you are willing to visit the Saint Cristobal Hill, the entrance fee must be paid by you . Then we´ll cover the uptown financial district.  

Visitors will gladly be received in Don Melchor Square by a guide inviting you to enjoy the panoramic view accompanied by a glass of wine, with it in the hand the visitors walk through the old park, going back in time by appreciating the Pirque Casona (Big house) ,Concha y Toro Famil´s residence.
Remarkable place where the major wines company ,in our country, emerged more than 100 years ago.

DAY 20  Transfer to the International airport.  End of services.


Total per person based on    DOUBLE    Occupancy    $3,985.00
Total Due Tropical Adventures (2 pax)                                                                               $7,970.00

What’s included:

-    Transfers in/out Santiago
-    5 Nights in Santiago.  Std room.  Breakfast included.
-    Full day Valparaiso & Vina del Mar Tour
-    Half Day Santiago City Tour
-    Half day Concha & Toro Wine Tour/Cajon del Maipo
-    Transfers in/out Easter Island
-    4 Nights in Easter Island. Dbl std room. Breakfast
-    Full day Tour Rano Raraku Volcano & Anakena Beach (Lunch included) (SIB)
-    Half Day Visit Orongo-Rano Kao Volcano (SIB)
-    Hald Day Visit Akivi
-    Transfers in/out Punta Arenas
-    1 Night in Puntarenas.  Dbl std room. Breakfast included
-    Magdalena Island Tour
-    Transfer to Puerto Natales
-    4 Nights in Puerto Natales. Dbl std room. Breakfast included.
-    Torres del Paine National Park Tour
-    Balmaceda & Serrano Glaciers Navigation Tour
-    Perito Moreno Glacier Tour (Argentina side)
-    Bus transfer Puerto Natales to Puntarenas Airport (Bus ticket included)
-    Transfer to Puerto Varas
-    Transfers in/out Puerto Varas
-    5 Nights in Puerto Varas Dbl std room. Breakfast included.
-    Peulla Full day tour (lunch included
-    Half Day Tour Frutillar + Octay Port
-    Full Day Chiloe Island-Ancud-Caulin
-    Full day Alerce Andino Hiking Tour

Not included:  
Local airfare:  Santiago/Easter Island/Puntarenas/Puerto Montt/Santiago (Price subject to change anytime)

Rapa Nui Celebration in February.


Marina Las Condes:

The new Best Western Premier Marina Las Condes is located un the middle of NUEVA LAS CONDES's business district, at just three blocks from Parque Araucano and two of the most important shoppings center Parque Arauco and Apumanque, one block distance from the new subway station "Manquehue", one hour from the most Chilean well-known ski centers and only 20 minutes (by car) from the International Arturo Merino Benitez Airport.

Oceania Rapa Nui Hotel:

RanoHotel Oceanía Rapa Nui is a place designed for your well-being where you will be able to experience the magic and hospitality of its people. Our very comfortable rooms and excellent service is exactly what you deserve in this exotic island that will embrace you with its culture.  Our hotel has spacious and modern rooms for you to be as comfortable as possible during your stay.  Hotel Oceania Rapa Nui is equipped with a common sitting room, Wi-Fi, pool hall, swimming pool.

Diego de Almagro:

The Hotel, located in one of the most southern area of the World, near Estrecho de Magallanes shore. The city was inhabits al first by Tehuelches, Onas, Yaganes y Alacalufes.
Large and modern rooms, some of them adjoining.

Weskar Patagonian Lodge:

RanoWeskar is a small, comfortable hotel with 28 rooms, located along the coast in the city of Puerto Natales, at an altitude of 20 meters above sea level, offering unforgettable views of the fjord and the Andes Mountains, in Chilean Patagonia.  We hope the the Lodge will be your place of rest and base for excursions to Torres del Paine and the Patagonian glaciers.  Weskar is only 10 minutes from Puerto Natales, and the scenic walk into town along the coast allows views of black neck swans, ducks, and wild birds.

Cabana del Lago Hotel:

RanoHotel Cabaña del Lago is an ideal place to rest and a gateway to discover the beautiful City of Puerto Varas, Lake Llanquihue and all of the treasures and activities this area has to offer. Among such are its exuberating natural setting, exquisite cuisine and rich cultural heritage.
Among the top ranked hotels in Puerto Varas, the Hotel Cabaña del Lago offers 157 rooms distributed within an architectural beauty that proudly stands on the hilltops of Puerto Varas, overlooking Lake Llanquihue. The panoramic view accessible from the hotel provides a unique relaxing experience, enriched by the beautiful sight of the volcanoes and natural surroundings.

Hotel Torremayor:

RanoTorremayor Hotel opened in July 1994, built with a Mediterranean architectural style in one of the most emblematic and beautiful streets in the area of Providencia, close to points of interest and very safe for our guests.
The name Torremayor refers to the typical towers that stand in the main squares of the Mediterranean cities of Spain and Italy, and is a recognized brand in the national hotel industry. To please our guests we opted for a high end warm decor, where the use of domestic woods blends perfectly with furniture brought from Italy.

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60 days or more prior to departure: $100.00 per person, $400.00 for Holiday Season.
59-31 days prior to departure:  $150.00 per person
30 to 15 days prior to departure:  50% of the total package price
14 days or less:  Non-refundable

Some packages as, Carnival, New Year’s Eve, Special Holidays are Non-refundable. Additional fees and penalties as per suppliers may apply.
We strongly recommend you to purchase Travel Protection Plan available through Tropical Adventures Travel & Tours.  This must be purchase at the time of your deposit.
A $20.00 per change fee will apply once services are confirmed, plus any non- refundable deposits that Tropical Adventures Travel & Tours has made to the suppliers.
Is the only responsibility of the passenger if any changes are made to the itinerary once the trip has started, there will be no refunds for unused services.


Claims for refunds must be made in writing during the 15 days after the passenger’s return from the trip.
There will be no refunds of any changes made by the passenger to the itinerary once the trip has begun.
No refunds for unused services. Packages as Carnival, New Year’s Eve, special Holidays are Non-Refundable.
There will be No-Refunds for missed services due to airline schedule changes; we highly recommend purchasing Travel Protection

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