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Sometimes people ask what we think of the Riu Hotels & Resorts brand. The truth is, they are decent; even good I would say. You have clean rooms, a lot of food and drinks, and a consistent brand. You can trust what you will be getting will be the same from location to location. Although if you are looking for true 5 star food, accommodations and shows, we may need to look elsewhere.

Recently representatives from Time Travels Inc. have visited many of the Riu locations in Jamaica, Costa Rica, Mexico, and the Dominican Republic to tour and experience what the Riu has to offer. Overall, we realized there are very clear differences for each class of hotel, within the Riu brand.

  • ClubHotel Riu: The club hotels, such as the Riu Tequila in Playa del Carmen, is a basic resort. There is typically one pool, and the rooms are nice but nothing over the top. The food - well there is a lot of it, but after a day or two, you start to run out of decent-tasting options at the buffet. They do have 3 a la carte options, and if the hotel isn’t full, you’ll be able to get in for a dinner – in which you will find decent food as well. Overall, a great option for friends looking to relax, or a quick budget-oriented get-away.
  • Hotel Riu: The hotels are very nice. They can range in style and size. The food tends to be very similar to the ClubHotel, however there are frequently more options for a la carte. A lot of times the pools have some upgraded lounge chairs, and thing tend to be renovated a bit more frequently.
  • Riu Palace: The Riu Palace is definitely a Palace. There are a LOT of rooms, and more of the new ones tend to be modern, like the one in Punta Cana. It is clean, fresh, with a lot of options for food. Food at the Palace is a step up from the other Riu brand hotels, in my opinion. However I would be concerned about getting into specialty restaurants if the hotel is full – as well as space to even fit around the pool! The Riu Palace is definitely a good choice for a consistent brand, relatively reasonably priced, and could be used for a girl’s trip, a family trip, or a romantic getaway.

Overall, the Riu brand is fantastic option for many different types of travels. Contact us at Time Travels, Inc to discuss specific requests and expectations for your next vacation – we can place you with the right hotel and type of accommodations so you get the exact vacation you were looking for!


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