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When should I travel to Hawaii? Can I afford it? 

A client, who wanted to plan a family vacation, recently asked me when it’s the best time of year to go to Hawaii. My initial response was an exuberant, “Anytime!!” I mean, it is Hawaii, right? The Hawaiian surf is ready anytime the vacationer is ready.

Hawaii is a semi-tropical climate. Temperatures usually range from 75-90 degrees year round during the day, and 70-80 degrees at night. There are actually two official seasons in Hawaii: summer (May to October) and winter (November to April).  The wettest months are during winter, but winter rains generally do not disrupt vacation plans because the weather in Hawaii is pretty localized. Most people from Minnesota have heard the saying, “if you don’t like the weather, wait a few minutes.” It seems the same could be said for Hawaii, but one could also muse, “if you don’t like the weather, find another spot on the island!” Even if it is raining where you are, there is almost always a sunny spot to be found elsewhere along the coast.

An important thing to consider when making your Hawaii plans is that the Northeast sides of the islands are generally the wettest and coolest, and the Southwest sides are generally the driest and hottest. For example, if you were to vacation on Maui, we may send you to the sunny South coast near Wailea for a nearly guaranteed sunshine all year round. We have an associate who stayed in Kihei on the Southwest shore of Maui in the month of May and declared it their own sun-filled Utopia. Kauai, which is a favorite destination of many, is referred to as the Garden Island because of its’ lush, green, landscape. Princeville and Hanalei on the north of Kauai are bathed in a mixture of sunshine and showers needed to make all of the breathtaking rainbows and waterfalls. Visiting Oahu or the Big Island also offer some amazing experiences.

Given that Hawaii is pretty much one of the most idyllic places on earth, it is no surprise that it is fairly pricey year round. If you can plan a few months in advance this will help you avoid unnecessary costs like paying last minute airfare prices. Five star resort hotels are luxurious and desirable, but if you are on a budget, there are many other options. Travel Agencies can be there for you in this regard – we receive promotional packages that can’t be found elsewhere.   

Considerations for an excellent trip include:

·         Go when the time suits you. (celebrate a wedding, anniversary, birthday, or just because it’s an amazing place)

·         Don’t panic if you see rain forecasted on your weather app the days before you travel. Expect radiant sunshine anyway.

·         Unless you are time traveling to May of 1979 where the record low was recorded at 12 degrees, you really have nothing to worry about in terms of weather.

·         Pack layers, sunscreen, and flip flops.

·         Humpback Whales return to Hawaii from Alaska and stay December through May. Peak watching is reported to be February/March.

·         Don’t touch the sea turtles. Hefty fines will ruin your vacation budget.

·         Do allow enough time in your stay to minimize the impact of jet lag. (For tips on how to Avoid Jet Lag check out this article

·         Embody Aloha; live, breathe, and appreciate every moment you are blessed to be there!


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Walt Disney World Resorts

The resorts have many different options, from Value and Moderately priced resorts to Deluxe and Deluxe villa’s. Our team member from Time Travels Inc was able to stay at two wonderful Moderate resorts in February and in June of this year, and visited three Deluxe resort for comparison.

Coronado Springs, Moderate: Coronado Springs is a wonderful resort. It has an authentic Mexican theme, a lovely pool area with waterslide, and beautiful grounds with a running path. For dining, it has a table-dining restaurant as well as a great grab-n-go market in addition to a quick-service food court. The rooms were clean and nicely decorated. It is a conference hotel, therefore it can get busy with conference guests, however it is a very nice, reasonably priced option.

Caribbean Beach, Moderate: Caribbean Beach is also a wonderful resort. The dining is very similar to Coronado, as are the grounds. One negative is that the rooms have double beds vs. the queen beds that Coronado Springs have, and the décor is a bit more outdated – however the pool area is spectacular, especially for families! There is a kid pool that has a large pirate ship, and 3 small waterslides – great for any age that can walk! The resort provides complementary life jackets, and also has zero-entry in both the children’s pool, and the larger pool. The larger pool is complete with two older-kid and adult friendly water slides, and was plenty big to house all guests.

The Deluxe resorts are beautiful and we took a tour of a couple of them.

·         Polynesian: Is a wonderful, beautiful hotel. It is under construction at this time and will be even more spectacular in a few months. Those looking for a tropical Hawaiian feel, complete with a luau, should definitely experience this hotel.

·         Contemporary: The Contemporary resort is also amazing. It has clean, sleek décor and is conveniently located next to Magic Kingdom.

·         The Grand Floridian: is an amazing luxurious get-away. You’ll definitely want to stay here if you want to experience all that Walt Disney World has to offer. Marble floors, a grand piano, attendants ready to help you with anything you need – and amazingly convenient access to the Monorail which can get you to, or connect you with other transportation, to all of the theme parks.

 There is SO much more to say about the resorts – so please call or email us at Time Travels Inc for additional insider information.

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The Magic of Children

Musings from a parent of two children under the age of 5: Pixie Dust is magical. All it takes is a small pinch and a child can do the most incredible things- like jump off the living room sofa! The most amazing thing about it is, when you are three years old, Pixie Dust doesn’t even have to be all glitter and sparkle. In our household at least, it has taken form as scrap bits of construction paper, a handful of cheerio crumbs, or our personal favorite to clean up after, grass clippings. Now, imagine a place where Pixie Dust exists, but instead of jumping off the sofa, (as thrilling as it is) you actually launch into Neverland in your very own pirate ship, soar among the stars, see Peter Pan save the day, AND you don’t have to get out the broom and dust pan when it’s done. Welcome to Walt Disney World. Any parent with a child under the age of five needs to experience the complete awe and wonderment that comes when make believe becomes true reality. Make sure that Peter Pan’s Flight is on your attraction itinerary. The ride takes three minutes of time and sets the stage for a lifetime of believing in the impossible.  No dust pan required.

Helpful hints for parents of children under the age of 5:

·         Bring a Stroller – or better yet, Rent One! You do not need to schlep your own stroller if you don’t want to. There are a number of full service stroller rental companies that can help you and your little one enjoy Disney World. Kingdom Strollers rental service is excellent, efficient and hassle free

·         You can bring your own snacks and water into the park! When hunger strikes, you do not want to be standing empty handed. All Disney theme parks allow parents to bring snacks and water into the park. Pack your treats in clear zip lock bags so that security can easily see what you are bringing in. It's that easy. All of our experiences with Security were pleasant and without issue. It was so nice to be in the parks and have our standby Goldfish crackers and applesauce pouches available for little tummy emergencies.

·         A FastPass+ for popular attractions go FAST – so sign up early.

·         Breakfast Character Dining Experiences are an excellent way to guarantee Meet and Greet photo opportunities with all the beloved characters, and provide an opportunity to enter the theme parks BEFORE they actually open. Character Dining is a total V.I.P. experience. Amazing, and totally worth every penny spent. I'm not sure who was more excited to see Tigger at the Crystal Cafe in Magic Kingdom, my kids or me. Woo-hoo-hoo-hoo!

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Disney World Resort

The Must-Know “New-Techy-Stuff” At Walt DisneyWorld!

MagicBands: What an awesome concept! On these ‘watch type’ bands which you wear, everything is housed. This includes your park tickets, your credit card information, FastPass+ selections and your dining plan credits. Amazing enough, you need not worry about safety and security of this precious information, as you have to key in a pin# to be able to use the band – which keeps it safe in case of it being misplaced.

FastPass+: The new FastPass+ system at Disney is amazing. Once Time Travels Inc sets you up with an amazing experience at Walt Disney World, you can log into MyDisneyExperience and pick your FastPass+ options ahead of time! What is this ‘FastPass+’, you may be asking? It is an amazing opportunity Disney gives every guest, for no extra charge to be able to ‘skip the line’ on three rides, each day you go into the parks! When staying at the Resort, your FastPast+ sections are added onto your MagicBands and you go into a special line at that ride, during your assigned timeframe, and enjoy the convenience of a few-minute wait! You are even allowed to do different FastPass+ sections, for different members of your party. This means with Dad and 10year old want to ride Space Mountain, Mom and 5year old are able to go on Peter Pan’s Flight at the same time, using their FastPass+!

MyDisneyExperience, as mentioned above, is an all-inclusive portal to your Disney Experience. You and your Travel Agent at Time Travels Inc can help you navigate the awesomeness of it. From FastPass+ selections, to dining reservations, it allows you to have a hassle and stress-free vacation while at Walt Disneyworld.

Stay tuned for information on bringing children under the age of 5 to Disney, more about the various resorts, how to have an AMAZING destination wedding, honeymoon or vow renewal at Walt Disney World, and what rides and experiences truly ARE THE BEST?!


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Met my  Disney rep for coffee to talk about 2014 - 2015 Disney World updates & once again I am completely amazed by Walt Disney World Resorts offerings.

What’s New?! Some things such as MyMagic+, MyDisneyExperience, Fastpass+ and of course, the Magic Bands, all contribute to what is making your next vacation to Walt Disney World Resort even more magical.

Don’t Miss…. Dumbo the flying Elephant and the new interactive play place where your kids can play while they wait in line, the Dwarfs Mine Train, or the Enchanted Tales with Belle – all amazingly Magical.

Your Next Vacation: Book Now! When staying at select Walt Disney World Resorts this fall, during select time frames, you will receive a Dining Plan at no additional cost. This amounts in huge savings.

Want to learn more about why a Disney Vacation could be right for you? Give us a call today, and keep on reading – as we will have a Time Travels Inc. team member at the resort this week, and will be providing real-time blogs, updates, photos and more on Everything Disney!

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The Jupiter Beach Resort & Spa

The Jupiter Beach Resort & Spa offers a casual yet elegant destination wedding

Couples need not venture to far-off lands for their fairytale destination wedding.The USA offers great destination wedding locations from secluded beaches for the ultimate beach wedding to spectacular mountain ranges as wedding back drop.The Jupiter Beach resort is one of such places.

Located directly on the Atlantic Ocean in the famed Palm Beach County the 168 room Jupiter Beach resort & Spa provides the picture perfect setting for Florida beach nuptials. With access to $1000 feet of secluded coastline the resort can accommodate wedding parties large & small.Couples can choose a Beachside ceremony (up to 300 guests) which takes place directly on the shore or for a more intimate wedding location ( up to 160 guests) the Sand Dune ceremonies can be arrange among the lush mangrove trees with views of the ocean.

Jupiter Beach Resorts’ simple wedding package includes complimentary deluxe 1 night accommodations for the bride & groom, as well as a wedding cake & other essentials.Rates for the ceremony start at $99 per guest. Rates per night start at $199.00 & group rates (10 rooms or more) start at $139 per night.

Let us help you plan the perfect destination wedding.

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A Maui Honeymoon Getaway

One of the top honeymoon destinations in the world, Maui’s alluring beaches spectacular scenery, immaculate resorts & abundant activities make it a romance mecca. If you travel to Maui between Dec & May you will witness some of the best whale watching in the world as the humpback repeats their yearly migration.


Recently, I suggested the Club level ocean front room at the Maui Hyatt Regency for a honeymoon couple seeking upscale accommodations for their Maui honeymoon getaway. The opportunity to view whales from their lanai while being pampered on club level at the Hyatt was a hit. Most couples will admit (after returning from their honeymoons) that spending the extra for an ocean front room really adds to the romance.


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A Disney Cruise Destination Wedding

What type of couple chooses a Disney Cruise destination wedding? According to Jermone, the wedding coordinator for the Disney Wonder, he has worked with couples from 18 to 86 years old.  So age is not a factor.  Being young at heart, enjoying children (there are many on a Disney cruises) & appreciating the type of magic that makes Disney, Disney are perquisites.

Currently, I am cruising the Mexican Riviera on the Disney Wonder.  It is a splendid ship. While immersed in the magic of Disney with my family, I realize what a great destination wedding and honeymoon vacation a Disney Cruise is to the right client. The Disney Wonder is immaculate & the service is charming.  There are venues & attractions for all ages & interests. If you like the Disney characters & movies this is the place to see them all together. With the 7 night Mexico Riviera itinerary you have 2 full days at sea prior Puerto Vallarta.  A perfect  time for the cruise wedding.

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