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When should I travel to Hawaii? Can I afford it? 

A client, who wanted to plan a family vacation, recently asked me when it’s the best time of year to go to Hawaii. My initial response was an exuberant, “Anytime!!” I mean, it is Hawaii, right? The Hawaiian surf is ready anytime the vacationer is ready.

Hawaii is a semi-tropical climate. Temperatures usually range from 75-90 degrees year round during the day, and 70-80 degrees at night. There are actually two official seasons in Hawaii: summer (May to October) and winter (November to April).  The wettest months are during winter, but winter rains generally do not disrupt vacation plans because the weather in Hawaii is pretty localized. Most people from Minnesota have heard the saying, “if you don’t like the weather, wait a few minutes.” It seems the same could be said for Hawaii, but one could also muse, “if you don’t like the weather, find another spot on the island!” Even if it is raining where you are, there is almost always a sunny spot to be found elsewhere along the coast.

An important thing to consider when making your Hawaii plans is that the Northeast sides of the islands are generally the wettest and coolest, and the Southwest sides are generally the driest and hottest. For example, if you were to vacation on Maui, we may send you to the sunny South coast near Wailea for a nearly guaranteed sunshine all year round. We have an associate who stayed in Kihei on the Southwest shore of Maui in the month of May and declared it their own sun-filled Utopia. Kauai, which is a favorite destination of many, is referred to as the Garden Island because of its’ lush, green, landscape. Princeville and Hanalei on the north of Kauai are bathed in a mixture of sunshine and showers needed to make all of the breathtaking rainbows and waterfalls. Visiting Oahu or the Big Island also offer some amazing experiences.

Given that Hawaii is pretty much one of the most idyllic places on earth, it is no surprise that it is fairly pricey year round. If you can plan a few months in advance this will help you avoid unnecessary costs like paying last minute airfare prices. Five star resort hotels are luxurious and desirable, but if you are on a budget, there are many other options. Travel Agencies can be there for you in this regard – we receive promotional packages that can’t be found elsewhere.   

Considerations for an excellent trip include:

·         Go when the time suits you. (celebrate a wedding, anniversary, birthday, or just because it’s an amazing place)

·         Don’t panic if you see rain forecasted on your weather app the days before you travel. Expect radiant sunshine anyway.

·         Unless you are time traveling to May of 1979 where the record low was recorded at 12 degrees, you really have nothing to worry about in terms of weather.

·         Pack layers, sunscreen, and flip flops.

·         Humpback Whales return to Hawaii from Alaska and stay December through May. Peak watching is reported to be February/March.

·         Don’t touch the sea turtles. Hefty fines will ruin your vacation budget.

·         Do allow enough time in your stay to minimize the impact of jet lag. (For tips on how to Avoid Jet Lag check out this article

·         Embody Aloha; live, breathe, and appreciate every moment you are blessed to be there!


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