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Loving Them to Death

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Over Tourism is creating havoc for major tourist’s sites and contiues to threaten famous cities, beautiful beaches & archeological treasures. Consider the city of Venice which has over 24 million tourists descend upon it each year.

Day-trippers & cruise passengers, who total almost 15 million, pollute and contribute little economic value to the city. To combat this, Italian cities had implemented hotel taxes for overnight stays to cover costs. However, Venice has now started charging a 10 Euro tax pp. to these day-trippers & cruise passengers entering the lagoon city via turnstiles.

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Amsterdam, which experiences a similar influx of tourism, has started to fight back with an 8 Euro pp. entry cost for visitors arriving by ocean or river cruise ships. 

You can still enjoy the romantic canal cities of Venice & Amsterdam IF you heed this sage advice. To avoid the throngs of visitors, I suggest traveling offseason, during the cooler months, and/or a stay over for a couple of nights. During the evening when the cruise ships & day-trippers depart, both Venice & Amsterdam are still grand European cities.

Bernabo Bocca, the president of Federalberghi, a national hoteliers’ group, said: “Our historic city centers are museums, and as with museums, it is right that visitors should pay to see them.”

I could not agree more.


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